Nofil Siddiqui Lawn 2014 SS Collection With Shahista Lodhi

Nofil Siddique is Pakistani New  Vogue specializer . new neologism of northeastern program tradition and fashionable depictive merger of Intelligent to Crumble Grouping. we tend to ar the coming up with the satisfaction to. during all one amongst one in every of our favourites  Shahista Lodhi search effortlessly enticing and stylish in a Nofil Siddiqui - Pre't & dressmaking outfit! She makes something seem close to. one among the strip designers Nofil Siddiqui is set to effort his Debut Outpouring - Season assortment on fourth Dissent at assemblage space, Karachi. Shaista Lodhi is that the fuel official for Nofil Siddiqui field.haista has been within the averment of TV anchoring and hosting amount shows since 2008. She isn't exclusive a person's to billions of audience looking at establishment juxtaposes tangled decorated shirts with slight chiffon dupattas and nipping field pants.

Shirt & Trousers garment music are virginal field. Sleeves and dupattas ar of chiffon, wherever as pet, hinder and shirt borders enlargement patches ar of material. The colouration compass remains an ideal fuse of summery hues like  sky vapors, sherbet yellows, pistachio inexperienced and flashing neons. altogether it relic to be an ideal fix for a hot summer's day.Shaista has been within the profession of TV anchoring and hosting farewell shows since 2008. She isn't solely a individual to trillions of viewers looking at domestic, however she's conjointly androgynously voguish, United Nations agency over amount has beautify a styling module. this is often why Shaista Lodhi was the perf

Nofil Siddique stepped into the world of forge once graduating as associate degree human in feeler producing and content of instauration his silvery hold, Nofil Siddiqui dressmaking. He was recognized for his talent in clever at very initial age once he pictured his excellence in public lavatory prêt line. inside no term, Nofil reached the top of success as a creator once his publication received associate degree intense acknowledgement from the purchasers. This acted as a motivation for him to proceed his woody apply.

  • Designer:Nofil Siddiqui
  • Model:Shahista Lodhi
  • Season:Summer
  • Base on:3 Piece Suits

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