Hira Tareen and Ali Safina Photo Shoot for XPOZE

Freshly Married Couple 'Hira Tareen' And 'Ali Safina' area unit work lately in having totally different activities. Newly,Hira Tareen and Ali Safina ikon wound amendment seen on the protection page of primary 'XPOZE' Monthly Magazine Valentine yield.Their icon pullulate for the XPOZE store has many superb designs and poses.Ali Safina may be a asian playwright time Hira Tareen is VJ and Expose. They got mated on Dec 21, 2013. Emit Here to visualize their photo.The XPOZE magazine valentine's yield featured their intimate interview from the journey of their prototypical convergency to the ceremony and also their past pic pullulate and the hymeneals footage.Their converse was embezzled by 'Saad Zuberi', Photography was through by 'Zara Tareen' and Cosmetic and whisker decision through by Nabila's.See out this recent wed laurels couple's current pic grow for XPOZE valentine's gap and deal your views with North American nation nearly the duet.

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