Ghani Textile New Linen Dresses 2014 For Winter

Ghani Textile is most popular fashion brand of fashion industry.It was very talented and famous clothing brand.It is an old brand from many years and now still provide their services.Ghani Textile has changed the way women dress in Pakistan by encouraging them to trust colour,it has give them the confidence to mix and match trasting separates in their wardrobes to create one beautiful look.Ghani Textile clothing brand is all about fashion and trend according the season and fashion.

Now this time Ghani Textile launched their new collection by the name of''Ghani Textile New Linen Dresses 2014 For Winter''.These dresses are consist on Long Sgirts,Trousers,Tights,Churidar pajmas and Kurtas .Very beautiful and attractive colour are used in these dresses.These dresses are fablous for party wear and Casual wear as well as Winter wear.

Ghani Textile is Casual wear with Ghani Textile casual jade collecting 2014 for winter and fountain flavor. This group has consists of dresses which somebody fully premeditated with round of chichi and striking looks. In this assembling you give gestate report and stunning dresses in unmingled Linen Fabrics. This is the 3 bushel garment , 2.25 cadence dupatta, 2.5 meter lifelong shirts and 2.25 shalwar and 0.75 meter sleeves. The enlargement of multi shady digital prints on all over the beautiful assemblage hump decorated with sparkling and lovely specs of chromatic, blackamoor, red, ferozi etc. Upright act a bit on this page go downwards and tolerate a sensing at assembling here below.

Very bright colour are used like Green,Red,Pink,Blue,Black and so many colours.Lables collection has very emphasize beautiful cut pattren,minimalist embroidered work used.Very nice combination of colour are used in these dresses.These dresses are ready to wear for young girls.

  • Designer:Ghani Textile
  • Season:Winter
  • Best For:Casual wear

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