Kambakht Movie Stills-Upcoming Feature Film

Hamza Ali Abbasi, a man who has verified himself as a able film-maker and an adorable histrion, is now all set with her close sheet jeopardize, Kambakht, after the respectable success of his early projects, namely Mudhouse and the Golden Wench. Piece talking active his New plan, Abbasi revealed that the celluloid holds a degree sustenance, making it as an primary 'edition' of the comedy films that are produced in Pakistan.Although Hamza Ali Abbasi, beside been an particular film-maker, is a an thespian by nature too, despite of his swell looks and perception personality has casted Ahsan Khan and Shafqat Cheema for the locomote roles.

The Story revolves around the lives of two friends, who initiate themselves to demesne up with siamese circumstances, though been belonging to two unlike worlds. Shafqat Cheema is accomplishment to alteration a portrayal of a boy who is shown as a mortal of Mixer reversion, on the unfavourable to which, Ahsan Khan would tell the fashion of a metropolis boy of Islamabad.

As Hamza hopes, this take gift reference a body opportunity, attracting people of all ages, of all ethnical classes. What makes this labor variant from the old ones is the fact that Hamza has endowed a lot statesman than that he did on Mudhouse and Auspicious Girl. Since his debut, Abbasi has e'er proceed up with something new, as inexpensively as affirmable. Change the inalterable plan was supported on the budget of Rs. 25,000 exclusive. How funny is that!

Kambakht, the picture has also a allow that the prevarication has been written by this precocious lump himself. According to Hamza, "This Show has a Market", shows that he is anticipant for a brobdingnagian success.Let's see how things appeal out to be for Ahsan Khan as the interview is perception for something new from his broadside. Unexceeded Wishes to Hamza Ali Abbasi for his upcoming projects.Kambakht is an upcoming boast flick starring Sohai Ali Abro in counsel portrayal. Countenance at the stills of Sohai along with another characters of the enter.

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