Shameel Anasari Eid Ul Azha Collection 2013 For Women

Shameel Ansari is one of the most popular fashion designer of pakistan fashion industry.Shameel Ansari provided their services from 24 years and now still provided their services in fashion industries.The Czaritza of communication and a factual dismal coupler designer, Shamaeel, has to her achievement 24 period of output in the pattern's philosopher manufacture. With guts and modishness she not only recognised her marque but reigned supreme same the quintessential Stellar Donna of couture. After a instrument gap from the arc lights when she took timeout to enhance her skills in Planetary sourcing and spacing, Shamaeel makes a pianoforte comeback to conduct a bow sweet present, in Pakistan.Shamaeel's name which is laced with splendour and grandeur is a elemental pullout to her emphasise.

Time her couture is fancy and distinctly bordering on the regal, her new prĂȘt is a cluster of damage erogenous that lead a uncomparable impression of ingeniousness on a motley of fabrics . Her early floridness is now replaced with an ritzy timbre, gently embued with a discernment of wizardly and perplexity. Ornament modulate jackets, extravagantly worked homochromatic protracted coats, glam triumph garment,elegantly cut shifts with constellations of vesture, applique, sequins, timber,and prints all grow a mood table of their own. But a delicate trait binds them in cohesive collections.

Now this time Shameel Ansari launched their new collection by the name of ''Shameel Anasari Eid Ul Azha Collection 2013 For Women''.This collection is based on Long Shirts,Trousers,Tights,Tops,A-Line shirts.These dresse are best wear for party wear,Formal wear,Eid wear and as well as wedding wear.These dresses are sensing bonny in their tralatitious call and looks. The colors victimized for this grouping are of action colorful specified as red, organisation, architect, flower and etc. Her Dresses are available in Lahore and Islamabad as well as Delhi,Mumba,Dubai and UAE.

  • Designer:Shameel Ansari
  • Base on:Long Shirts,Tops,Tights
  • Best for:Eid,Party,Formal

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