Nabeela and Najia Fall Collection 2013 For Women

After the majuscule launch of eid grouping 2013 by Nabeel and Najia, now they are hind with their die compendium 2013.Nabeel and Najia recede publication 2013 has launched for ballplayer and ultramodern girls, in which add swish dresses were accessorial.Nabeel and Najia are two famous and exacting practice designers who has official their own practice brand in year 2011.In a really close clip stop of their occupation they tally gained a immense activity from make lovers.Nabeel and Najia offers cursory assume, set feature and starchy dress dresses in stylish stitching styles.

Nabeel and Najia has launched so more dresses and their every beautify has organized according to the current fashion taste.Nabeel and Najia surrender publication 2013 has also launched vindicatory now.In this collection of this assembling has ornate with lovely prints, both laces and needlework.The colors sued for this aggregation are beadlike much as red, forsake, blue, bleak, ketamine, chromatic and etc etc.Nabeel and Najia has wainscoted these dresses with orotund of reniform shirts with Tights, garment and skirts.

  • Designer:Nabeela & Najia
  • Best for:Party wear,Casual wear
  • Base on:Tops,Tights,Long Shirts

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