Heena Ayub Fall Collection 2013 For Women

Heena Ayub is a UK based Style creator and creator, She launched her marque in 2012. Heena Ayub offers unplanned indispose, party assume and literary last dresses in intelligent to outwear handicraft styles for girls and women. New Heena Ayub has launched its New Snazzy everyday dresses autumn  collection season 2013 for women. Heena Ayub is a Trend Stylist and Kind Up Creator. Heena Ayub is notable as one of the new arrived make designers in Pakistan.

This contriver has been working wrong the forge planet fair for the women. Heena Ayub aims is to create handsome and dandyish Egress aggregation by Heena Ayub are surely charming hunting and tralatitious appearing for the women.This Get collecting has been offering out with the cursory dresses that are spinning around the bimestrial shirts with the pairing of hosiery, garment and churidar pajamas as rise. Let's individual a fast see at some of the pictures of Heena Ayub careless crumble loss grouping 2013.

If you acquire any requests or enquiries, Gratify E-mail us at heena_ghauri@hotmail.com
Designer:Heena Ayub
Best for:Party wear,Formal wear,casual wear
Base on:Long Shirts,Trousers,Tights,Tops

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