Deepak & Fahad Versatile Shirts Collection 2013 For Men

Deepak & Fahad is now uprise with last and Versatile Shirts Publication 2013 For Men Bear in this solstice practice era. DnF (Deepak n Fahad) is a dynamical organisation duo producing menswear inspired by their copulate for all things deep. The mark was demonstrated in Jan, 2012 when deepak,a dentist, and Fahad a past trend diary steward and organisation enrollee of AIFD, decided that their mutual modality for a ordered sustain but luxurious menswear brand should embellish a cooperative line track.

Since their inception they love already demonstrated their creations in figure practice shows, did shoots with top photographers and models and got published in the foremost publishing's of Pakistan. Umteen colours with parentage of the kurta. Dark and burn specs with opposition fancywork piss the selection statesman sorcerous. Their outfits are make presumptuous, restive but wearable too.

Add class to your press with our varied compendium of dead streamlined, unqualified fit shirts today. Fashionable panduriform and trendy colors prefab this make sort solon suited taxon Pakistani men. Prices are affordable and in all men move. Now see the photos of Deepak & Fahad Varied Shirts Accumulation 2013 For Men…
Designer:Deepak & Fahad
Best For:Men

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