Arij Fatyma Got Divorced

Yes..! It's literal and really surprising Broadcast that Our Most precocious, beautiful and recently joined Arij Fatyma got single. At forward we tend to did not decide on this intelligence however once the agreement install from Arij Fatyma individual Facebook tender we tend to believed on this style statement that rattling Arij Fatyma got single.Arij Fatyma is associate Indweller born Asian role player and Modeling. She started her business by Carving and after she gave 1st performance in few Episode Serials equal Hamnasheen, Sabz Qadam, Hazaron saal and Meri Beti. Stop here to check Arij Fatyma comprehensive History.

The adolescent, stylish  and audacious role player Arij Fatyma got reserved with Faraz on January second 2014. The bride and ameliorate were looked bright and ready-made to every otherwise. once three life on January fifth 2014 that they had their Nikah. in step with Arij Fatyma's aggregation it had been the long judgment to finish this abstraction rather than pushing it with varied problems and that is why that they had to accumulate resolve and Arij Fatyma got single.

Here ar the images of Arij Fatyma Work and Nikah

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